Friday, September 02, 2005

At the summit

While our attention has been diverted to more Earthly subjects like hurricanes, the Mars Exploration Rovers have continued to crawl around the Martian surface, revealing the geology, weather and history of that distant world. Here is one of the latest images from the Spirit rover which sits at the summit of a hill named after the commander of the ill fated Columbia STS-107 shuttle mission, Rick Husband. For more information on the latest from Spirit, check out the latest press release from JPL. At the summit of Husband Hill, they can see the entire region and have a great vantage point to watch dust devils (small mini-tornadoes) pass across the plains below. They can also see the rims of distant craters, and even the rim of Gusev, the large crater they landed in. The summit is covered with boulders and rock outcrops as well as small dunes of blown dust. It's almost like being there ourselves!


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