Wednesday, November 14, 2007


You've got to check out the two HD videos posted on the Kaguya website. One shows Earthrise over the north pole of the Moon and the other shows Earthset over the lunar south pole. These are views I wish I could go look at with my own two Mk I eyeballs! The lunar south pole movie shows the crater Shackleton at the south pole which is thought to have perhaps the only place on the moon where the sun literally never shines and might be a location where we might find some ancient lunar ice. Thanks to Chuck Wood at the Lunar Picture of the Day for posting the link as well as posting a high resolution image from the movie (which I've taken the liberty to make my background on my laptop). When I first saw this image, I thought for sure it was some artwork! In fact, it reminded me some of a painting I did a few years ago that you can see at this link. Looking back on that painting, I don't think I made the shadows long enough....

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