Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apollo Mk II

NASA has announced details of its plans to land humans on the Moon by the end of the next decade. I think they have put together a very achievable plan and a good plan too. Unfortunately, I see a lot of the articles in the last day regarding the announcement making claims like "It's an Apollo retread" or one comment said: "It looks to me like the Alzheimer's program…for those that don't remember Apollo". The question I have for them is: What is so bad about how Apollo did things? Apollo was an excellent program which found one of the better ways to get men to the Moon. The new plans are an improvement on Apollo, not just a "retread". The lander is several times larger. The vehicle appears to have more margins for error and is much more robust towards future expansion and future exploration such as the planned Mars missions. NASA drew up these plans in light of what we learned from Apollo. Way to go!


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